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Yes it hurts not to have the cool cars but times in the auto industry is going to get tough and not all will survive this time.

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We may be left with only a few MFGs. The tire industry went though this a while back and is why BFG tires come from Michelin and Firestone from Bridgestone. Same with a General from Continental. I agree that you have to keep the price down but the ZR2 is not going to be the volume mover for them. This is the halo trim. All of that is needed for the commuter at least for me. At this point we have the new full size truck.

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If a Raptor type truck appears it will be in the next couple years. I just did not see one for the out going truck for a year or two. The Bison if I recall is just over 3k units. Those are good numbers for the price point.

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I agree nothing wrong with 2. A lot of work went into this one to address the two major issues the timing chains and carbon issues. My hope is the 6 sticks around as I have driven the diesel and while it is nice it felt sluggish compared to my six. If I needed torque it would be fine but with what I do the six acceleration is more of what I need. The new rumors of the mid size suv could give us clues to the truck since it is reported for ? Well we will see. I figure if it happens it will show us the engine possibilities. GM really has gone dark anymore. It used to be you could get hints from people there but today nothing even from the leakers,.

Yeah, I have given up on the Raptor Fighter.

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Drove my dying Avalanche with hopes of trading it in for the awesome Silverado Raptor Killer once it was announced. So, I decided to try the smaller Colorado Z Its size is perfect and it meets all my needs all while making downtown driving way easier, especially parking garages. We all agree the 2nd gen Colorado is a huge success and is the best truck in the segment. Toyota and Ford are not just going to roll over. So, I think we want Chevy to continue to improve this great truck and lead the pack. Chevy competition strategy does seem weird to me. When the Blazer was announced I thought it was to compete with the upcoming Bronco.

I know my wife was excited at the idea of a modern old school type Blazer. Chevy going dark does suck. Any info they could give would make the waiting easier. Well in the big picture the Raptor was needed at Ford. The F has taken a hit profit wise as material cost have really gone up with Aluminum prices.

The Raptor is helping recover the cost to a limited degree. GM with Mix Material chose wisely and that is how the industry is going.

Might note the Rangers not Aluminum. Not sure on the Blazer name thinking. The make K5 keeps popping up and better represents the body on frame model. To be honest I hate using old name often as people come with preconceived ideas good and bad. GM going dark is for sure competitive reasons but I think also to protect stock prices.

In the old days we never knew what was coming till the paper came down off the windows at the dealer. I am not sure what to expect on the Bronco. I know it will have 4 doors but will they offer a 2 door. It will have a Turbo 4. I bought for size as I have no need for a full size truck.

The handling on the mid size seldom gets mentioned but it is great for a truck. The Ranger will not make a dent till they add major rebates as they cost more than a comparable GM or Toyota. It will do fine with traditional Ford buyers though. Toyota will have a new truck but it will be conservative, they have never made a big jump. Ford will add but they under shot the market as the Ranger could have led but it is 3 or 4 at best. I am ok with a GM not doing much now because it has kept my on the leading edge longer.

But I do hope they make a number of refinements in the next gen. No one is going to pass Toyota up any time soon as they have a solid base buyers group. But they will keep chipping away and over time they can erode the Toyota numbers. Scott How big of a tire will fit a Bison without trimming or big changes in the front end wheel wells and fenders? Is there a point to go to bigger wheels you mentioned than to tires? AEV said if I recall correctly you can go 33 or 34 on the tires.

There is a small piece of plastic on the fender bottom that needs trimmed. I just moment tires.

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They referenced the wheels as they stated people often change the wheels anyways. You would want to keep to 17 inch for off roading. Yes the price is not bad but you could add much of this to a ZR yourself for less. Might be over 50, but every one of these that were scheduled to be built were all sold before one of them even hit the end of the line. However, I have nothing but praise for the Colorado. Nice clean lines and handsome but tough looks. They also have E-coated frames instead of the cheap wax dip like the SIlverado.

Great for rust protection and offroading. The seating position is so much nicer. The Silverado suffers from Camaro syndrome. You feel like your sitting low in a tub like a car. Very claustrophobic. Not so with the Colorado, it still feels like your sitting up in a truck. The ZR2 is also a winner off road. The Trail Boss is a nice start but the ZR2 just seems like more of the real deal. I like that they build them all at home in the USA too.

Chevy just nailed this one. The current model is just so good looking and well built! GM does not have the need to blow up the model in the next gen. They just need to refine it and keep it on point in class. The truth is other than added skids and trim the ZR 2 is the same as the Bison. At the prices it is available for it is a pure bargain. We disagree on power.

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What changes do you think they should do next? I love this truck and only want it to get better and build a following like the Taco or even Jeep people. I am waiting till the next gen as this truck will not change much till then. Why buy what I already have? The new truck will get much of what the full size has.

The camera, adaptive cruise, LED everything.

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I hope upgrades to the interior. A sunroof would be nice as long as it does not compromise the structure. We have a really solid stiff cab now. The biggest things are just improve their ergonomics, the quite, the feel of the interior, add more interior colors over black and gray.

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The handling and brakes are the best in class. A ten speed transmission would solve the 8 speed issues some have had. A factor rear sway bar should be available.