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Electronic Voice Phenomenon - EVP - is the recording of an apparent 'ghostly' voice or sound, caught on sound recording technology. These are thought to be voices from the other side, that recorders are sensitive enough to pick up, but the human ear cannot otherwise hear. Electronic Voice Phenomenon, EVP as it will be referred to from now is the label given to voices and sounds caught on electronic recording mediums.

These voices are said to be communication from ghosts, spirits and other entities, who do not have an earthly origin. Personally, I only label something an EVP if it was not heard by a living person, and only captured on the recording medium, or heard through a speaker or headphones. Some others will still class something as an EVP if it was heard at the time, by their ears, but in those instances, I refer to them as disembodied voices.

A typical EVP session will involve a person setting up somewhere, turning on an audio recorder, and asking a series of questions, a lengthy pause between each, and hoping to find ghostly answers upon playback. The history of EVP is quite long, about as long as electronic also magnetic and mechanical recording devices have existed.

People had spoken about hearing sounds that were not the focus of a recording, and back in the early 's, with the spiritual movement in full swing, it was thought to be perhaps another form of proof of spirit. However, experiments that focussed solely on capturing these ghostly voices on recording medium, did not really start until the 's when American photographer, Attila Von Szalay, started experimenting with recording medium to capture the disembodied voices he heard around him. At first he tried recording the voices to records, using a record cutter.

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The work was hard, and no doubt many records were cut and wasted as the voices were not too prevalent, however soon Szalay came up with something that seemed to work. Szalay created a sound proof cabinet which held a microphone. The leads ran out of the cabinet and to the record cutter and a loud speaker, so they could hear what was being recorded. He had some success both with people in the box asking questions, and when the box was empty. If someone was in the box they themselves could not hear the voices responding, it was only on the recordings, or through the speaker, that they could be detected.

It was in the mid fifties when Szalay moved to a tape recorder that he achieved greater successes.

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The voices were not limited to single words, but at times whole sentences and phrases. In Italy, Marcello Bacci was also having some success recording voices, and even invited people to his home to talk to the dead. It was during this time that a man named Jurgenson also started to pick up anomalous voices as he recorded bird songs.

He, along with psychologist Kanstantin Raudive, began to make many recordings which, due to several technologies in place to prevent outside sources of interference, they believe to be the real thing. A book titled "Breakthrough" was written, and soon the idea of talking with the dead through technology became more popular with those with an inclination for such things.

In , the Spiricom, a two way communication device with the dead was invented by William O'neil. What was interesting was that O'neil stated he received instructions and specifications to build the device from the ghost of a dead scientist. Through the device, O'neil believed he was able to talk to the dead, however, even though he freely distributed the plans, not too many people were able to replicate the results. The Franks Box, quite similar to a 'Ghost Box', was a more recent invention. In , Frank Sumption combined a white noise generator and an AM receiver that continually swept stations.

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Through the noise, snippets of voices were detectable, however many critics state However, at times, intelligent responses to questions have been picked up, and many state there are so many that it goes beyond coincidence. We have sort of gone off track here, but that is a bit of a history of EVP. Recently, the implementation of newer sound recording technologies has seen a explosion in the number of devices and ways to record these possible ghostly voices. Tape recorders became cheap and more portable, cd and minidiscs offered greater clarity in sound, and todays digital recording mediums are small enough to take anywhere There are always the critics and they generally point out that what people are hearing are sounds due to interference, equipment noise, background noise not noticed at the time the fact that the mics are more sensitive to our ears means we could be picking up voices from a distance and not realise it and, of course, our own bodily functions a growling stomach can sound quite nasty.

We have a habit, our brains are wired to finding recognisable patterns in the signals sent to them from our senses. We have no logical explanation for that sound. And then just half way up the stairs the apparition would disappear. It was like a loop that the entity was walking.

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They caught it with the K2 meter. You can see the light from that entity on the video. You can see Chris an investigator standing still and the lights on the K2 going haywire.

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Then you see a big ball of light moving in front of the camera. The farmer decided to do something to scare them. From one tree he span sic it over the road, to the other tree — just to knock them off the motorcycle. Some of our team members have seen it. There are some of the public that I know have seen it. Some people will get angry easily; that demonic presence will have a massively negative influence in your life. You might start drinking heavily and taking drugs; you may lose your family and your job; get violent Our job is to collect information that will give people a better understanding of paranormal events in South Africa.

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