The Silver Well: Book 2 in The Kingdom of Gems Trilogy (a childrens fantasy book for ages 9-12)

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I love it!!! Thank you so much for wanting your daughter to be a strong independent individual. Get her addicted to reading at an early age, and you will never regret it!! It it THE one thing that can help them have a better future. I was already reading at a second grade level by kindergarten, and I was a lover of reading my entire life from then on!!

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Make it something you do together, and it will also add some great quality bonding time in as well. That was how my sister and I bonded, through reading books together. Not only through many baby cousins, but I have MANY teachers in my family so I know a tihng or two about educating children and what can help them succeed! I used to run the childrens department of our local indie bookstore yes that included the teen section and… unfortunately… all the delights of peddling Twilight to impressionable young girls.

I always recommended Tuck Everlasting. The whole time I was reading Twilight I kept screaming in my head that someone needs to give this girl a copy of Tuck Everlasting. One of my all time favorite books and definately stuck with me. Found ya via Pinterest.

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The books are exciting, and they also get you really thinking about the consequences of your actions. However, I recommend these books to everyone I know with a tween daughter. A young girl facing and conquering adversity…A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Easily my all-time favorite book.

Probably not for a very young teen, but mid to late teens, absolutely. And such a strong female character overcoming a lot of adversity! I was beginning to question myself!! I think Francie is one of the greatest heroines of all.

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Love this! The Little House books were the books that really made me be a reader. Two years ago I was able to go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home in Mansfield, Missouri one of the first things on my list of things to do before I die. Anyway, some of my other favorite books:.

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I totally forgot about Island of the Blue Dolphins!! I first read that book for school in about 4th or 5th grade, and I thieved an old copy of it from one of my classrooms. It was even better than I remembered! Piggle-Wiggle Series. I quite agree! I adored Mrs. Maybe my 3-year-old son would be ready for it if I could get him to sit still long enough! I remember my Dad reading them to me. If I could add one more to my list, I think it would be Narnia. I love them so! And my daughter is a Lucy just like Lucy Pevensie.

What a fantastic list found it on Pinterest. So now I have to follow your blog. When my son was born 11 weeks ago, I was taken off guard, sure I was going to have a girl that I could raise to be a self-assured woman who would change the world. But then I realized that little boys have just as much potential to eradicate sexism once and for all. Anyway, my comment is that I plan to read all of these to my son as well.

He should be equally as comfortable with strong female protagonists and learn to recognize women in literature as something more than a pair of boobs. They truly kick ass with not an ounce of gratuitous sexiness. I love this list. They are about girls growing up in Mankato, MN around the turn of the last century and are semi-autobiographical.

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The Betsy-Tacy books have been recommended to me so many times. They are on my list to acquire! Thanks, Sherry! The Lovely Bones. Great list!!

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Love that you mentioned Harry Potter! Those two young women shaped my life. I have 3 daughters. I was also agree with commenter about Hunger Games. I also read more of the Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books. Also a book that stuck with me when I was a teen — was Go ask Alice.

All good books to consider. Right now my 6 yr is more into the magictree house series. She loves the Harry Potter movies will do the books soon and commenter mentioned Avatar the last airbender tv show not movie — although my daughter has seen both. There are many good books out there — Takes to this post to pinterest I can work on finding more books.

All great books for young girls and also for boys. I have one boy and two girls and have introduced many of these books to him as well. Books with strong female characters are just as important for him as they are for my girls. Thank you for the list. I really like this list and only have read about half of the books. I look forward to reading the others posted. I mostly worry about my daughter being as much of a people-pleaser as I was and not demanding respect from men. I plan on trying to place strong women in her life as much as possible.

I also wonder, should I show her all the unpleasant views of women? Just to show her what she may be up against? Definitely worth reading as a mom, if not as a duo. Your list was great to begin with and is amazing now! In addition to all the treasures already listed I have a few more that are well loved at our house. There are some great suggestions in here!

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I definitely want to get the Eleanor Estes book. This reminded me of all the Dear America books that I used to read as a young girl. Not only did they introduce me to some wonderful female characters that happened to be about my age at the time, but it also got me really interested in history. There are also a bunch of similar fictional diary-style books of prominent royal historical figures such as Elizabeth I of England, Isabella of Spain, and Cleopatra. Of course, in the same vein are the American Girl books.

Kudos to you! I think this is one of the best things a parent can do preparatory to raising a child- making a list of good books their children can read. I think you should add the Prydain chronicles by Lloyd Alexander to this list. Eilonwy is an amazingly strong, intelligent, female character.

And funny to boot. My favorite is A Ring of Endless Light. A wonderful book for any teen or preteen girl. I keep hearing about the Prydain chronicles. Thanks for reminding me! Vicky Austin is not perfect, but she is interesting, and different, and a writer, and she stays true to herself. I love your suggestions. I need to get the gumption to start reading aloud to my daughter she is almost 4!

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Thanks for such an inspiring list: Some on my future reading list now!