The Slave in the Garden

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A recent study found that the UK could have up to , modern slaves living in the country. News Home. Follow us. David Harding Contributor.

Two held over 'slave' in Southampton garden shed - BBC News

Yahoo News UK 2 November View photos. The man was found living in this garden shed GLAA. The man is thought to have been living in the shed for four years GLAA. The shed was in the garden of a home belonging to a university lecturer and her husband GLAA. Police were tipped-off by a body which protects vulnerable workers GLAA. What to read next. Yahoo Style UK. The Independent. HuffPost UK. Yahoo Sport UK. Yahoo News UK. All Malchus can see is the man's eyes filled with a gentleness and love that melt all enmity.

A soldier jerks Jesus to his feet and the spell of the moment is broken. Malchus reaches up to feel his head.

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The ear is there -- all of it. His ear is whole, the bleeding stopped, only his blood-soaked cloak to indicate that there ever was a wound. Somehow he cannot.

The drive to please his master is gone. He cannot forget those gentle eyes boring into his soul. He cannot forget the hand on his face. He hears Jesus' words again, "You'll be all right now. He is an agent of Jesus' arch enemy, yet Jesus heals him. It doesn't make sense. Finally, Malchus gets to his feet and returns to the palace.

The courtyard is astir with news of Jesus' capture. Malchus returns to his room and removes his stiffening cloak and tunic. He washes the caked blood from his shoulder, arm, and face, and soaks his hair and beard to dissolve the remaining blood. All the time he stares at his ear in the mirror.

It is whole, undamaged, without pain. The rest of the day is a blur.


He follows the multitude to Pilate's quarters, hears the Roman's pathetic attempt at washing his hands of the matter, and goes behind as the crowd surges up the narrow streets to Golgotha, just outside the city. By the time Malchus arrives on the hilltop, Jesus is hanging from a cross, his body and face mutilated almost beyond recognition. Malchus is aghast at what he has done, at his part in this ugly business.

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Jesus' words flood back, " To seek and save the lost. I have shed innocent blood. Now Caiaphas arrives, puffing, strutting, taunting. So vengeful, so petty, so filled with hatred. Malchus burns with shame.

Slave trade and rice crop moved together

He kneels, but no one is watching as he pours out his agony and begs forgiveness. Thunder cracks. Wind blows. As Malchus strains his ear — his whole ear — he can hear Jesus' unbelievably gracious answer to his cry: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Chapters III–IV

Malchus rises. The man they call "the ear of Caiaphas" is different, for this slave's ear now listens for a new Master. A single copy of this article is free. Do not put this on a website. See legal, copyright, and reprint information.

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