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This uncharacteristic event in turn partially exposes his conspiracy to his good friend, a fellow general who becomes part of the intrigue and willing co-conspirator thereafter. In the Heart of Darkness primarily revolves around Belisarius learning the strengths and weaknesses of both his Axumite allies and his Malwa enemies. The cataphract general personally travels to India to explore for vulnerabilities spy among the Malwa Empire's peoples, and spars dangerously both with the rulers themselves and their spies planted in Constantinople. The conspiracy against the Malwa expands to a few others and establishes a secret research site overseen by his wife and a discredited naval officer who carry on an affair seemingly under the nose of a Malwa spy, dance further in 'feigned disaffection' with spies of the Malwa and their allies within Byzantium and so tend to things in Byzantium with the added cast of a fellow General Belisarius' best friend and his spy mistress.

Belisarius meanwhile leaves the dangers of both his emperor—being too popular can be a 'bad thing' and his stunning victories in the first book against the Persians made him so—and cultivates the Kingdom of Axum as allies, a naval power of the day, and leads a five-man invasion of his 'exposed' Malwa enemies nominally diplomatic friends. The events in this book provide him time to plan out various contingencies which come to bear fruit in surprising ways in the later sequels and allow the West's own gunpower tech researchers to get started.

During his journey, the spy mission and deception allow Belisarius to become better able to communicate and understand the crystalline emissary "Aide". Belisarius learns of his true enemy, the mysterious entity known as Link, an artificial intelligence that uses human bodies as its interactive device. It concludes with the war between the Byzantines led by Belisarius against his Malwa enemies transforming from a cold to a hot war as Belisarius, separated from his companions by urgent circumstances born of intrigue and might—is hotly pursued fleeing half of Malwa's might, alone and unaided, some miles from the Malwa capital Modern Delhi to make his way back home to the west.

Eric Flint

His companions and people they gathered along the way during the course of the spying parts of the book are also variously pursued, but saved by prior contingency planning by the wily general, who is at least as good at deceptions as he is at indirections But they are complementary skills. Destiny's Shield deals with the Malwa invasion of the Persian Empire, and the growing of an alliance and trust between the Byzantines and Persians to stop the invasion and to cement a permanent peace. Belisarius' actions and magnanimous behavior as victor in the first book will pay a pivotal role as the third book develops and the secret war against the Malwa turns hot.

Belisarius leads an under-strength expeditionary force in much more characteristic "Indirect approach" ways to the aid of the Persian empire which as a new ally had requested times as many troops. The Malwa invade the gut of Persia by sea through the Persian gulf during the monsoons with an unbelievably huge Asian army to the Persians and other Byzantium Generals which force succeeds in battering the unwary and surprised Persians forcing them to seek peace with Justinian and penetrates as far as Babylon thereby pinning most of Persia's military might and paralyzing its capabilities whilst also invading from the Hindu Kush by land into eastern Persia.

Belisarius gains the trust of the Persian Emperor, uses the chance of conspiracy and treason as a hole card, and generally totally upsets the Malwa plans of conquest by repeatedly tactically showing one thing and strategically moving unseen in surprising real tactics when it matters. Fortune's Stroke covers the later events of the Malwa Invasion of Persia as Belisarius must campaign against Rana Sanga, a Rajput general of great skill who befriended Belisarius during the second book of the series, who is loyal to the Malwa through an overdeveloped adherence to honoring his given word.

The campaign is but another stratagem developing like a good mystery story while in fact, Belisarius is carefully marking time and giving other events set in motion by himself and the conspiracy members time to bear fruit and astonish both friends, and readers in the events and results. By moving boldly, the obvious again is demonstrated as delightfully false in the stratagems of Belisarius and the developments at times both delight and dismay his allies.

In the end, "In Belisarius we trust" becomes a motto of all save the Malwa. The Dance of Time concludes the series as the disparate events set in motion by Belisarius unfold, creating the opportunities that he hopes will end the threat that the Malwa pose to Rome once and for all. Volumes I and II reprinted in hardcover and released together September The Belisarius Series is a fictional saga in the alternate history and military history subgenres of science fiction, written by American authors David Drake and Eric Flint.

ISBN 13: 9781439132807

Books Originally intended as a trilogy as outlined by David Drake, each of the initial drafts were divided into two books. He was instrumental in the reconquest of much of the Mediterranean territory of the former Western Roman Empire, which had been lost less than a century before. One of the defining features of Belisarius's career was his success despite varying levels of available resources. His name is frequently given as one of the so-called "Last of the Romans".

He defeated the Vandal armies at the battles of Ad Decimum and played an important role at Tricamarum, compelling the Vandal king to surrender.

He also won an important battle against the Persians at Dara but lost one at Callinicum. He successfully repulsed a Hunnish incursion at Melantias. The General also known as the Raj Whitehall series, after the lead character is a set of military science fiction books written by S. Stirling from an outline by David Drake.

Clearly inspired by the Byzantine commander Belisarius, the series shares numerous common elements with the more recent Belisarius series by Drake and Eric Flint.

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Stirling and David Drake. The last three in another omnibus as Conqueror The second two books were published as an omnibus Hope Rearmed March The final novel was published with "The Chos. NCIS revolves around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which conducts criminal investigations involving the U. Navy and Marine Corps. This is complete list of works by American science fiction and historical fiction author Eric Flint.

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Bibliography Belisarius series Written in collaboration with David Drake, the series features historical characters, including Roman general Belisarius, whom the authors present as possibly the best general to ever walk the earth. This manifests as both a time-swap and place-swap for the two places affected. The literary technique can be read about in detail in Assiti Shards effect, but when it first reached print in , the technique spawned a huge. This is list of works by American military science fiction and fantasy writer David Drake.

Greenberg and Charles G. Donald Paul Bellisario born August 8, [1] is an American television producer and screenwriter who created and sometimes wrote episodes for the TV series Magnum, P. He has often included military veterans as characters. Marine Corps from to , and attained the rank of Sergeant.

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  • Bellisario became an advertising copywriter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in , and three years later became creative director of the Bloom Agency in Dallas, Texas. After rising to senior vice president after eight years, he then moved to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting and production. NCIS is an American action police procedural television series, revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

    To date it has aired sixteen full seasons and has gone into broadcast syndication on the USA Network. Donald P. As of , it is the second-longest-running scripted, non-animated U.

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    In season six,. Worlds is a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories by Eric Flint. It was first published in hardcover and ebook format by Baen Books on February 1, ; a paperback edition was issued by the same publisher in October Ron Hub. During his reign, Justinian sought to revive the empire's greatness and reconquer the lost western-half of the historical Roman Empire.

    Justinian's rule constitutes a distinct epoch in the history of the Later Roman empire, and his reign is marked by the ambitious but only partly realized renovatio imperii, or "restoration of the Empire". It was one of the battles of the Iberian War. The Iberian king fled from Kavadh, but Kavadh tried to make peace with the Byzantines, and attempted to have Justin I adopt his son Khosrau. Justin agreed, but on the terms that he would do so only in a rite reserved for barbarians.

    This failed to satisfy Kavadh, who attacked Byzantine allies, so Justin sent his generals Sittas and Belisarius into Persia, where they were initially defeated. Vandalic goldfoil jewellery from the 3rd or 4th century The Vandals were a large East Germanic tribe or group of tribes that first appear in history inhabiting present-day southern Poland.

    Some later moved in large numbers, including most notably the group which successively established Vandal kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula, on western Mediterranean islands and in North Africa in the 5th century. Around , raids by the Huns forced many Germanic tribes to migrat. The Vandals had occupied Roman North Africa in the early 5th century, and established an independent kingdom there.

    enter site Under their first king, Geiseric, the formidable Vandal navy carried out pirate attacks across the Mediterranean, sacked Rome and defeated a massive Roman invasion in After Geiseric's death, relations with the surviving Eastern Roman Empire normalized, although tensions flared up occasionally due to the Vandals' militant adherence to Arianism and their persecution of the Chalcedonian native population.

    In , a palace coup in Carthage overthrew the pro-Roman Hilderic and replaced him with his cousin Gelimer.

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    The Eastern Roman emperor Justinian took this as. Under the Justinian Dynasty, particularly the reign of Justinian I, the Empire reached its largest territorial point, reincorporating North Africa, southern Illyria, southern Spain, and Italy into the Empire.

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    The Justinian Dynasty ended in with the deposition of Maurice and the ascension of his successor, Phocas. Justin I was born in a small village, Bederiana, in the s AD. In this time, he also achieved the rank of. Heart of Darkness is an novella by Joseph Conrad.