There Goes My Baby (An android-human romantic satire)

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Do you think this assertion correct for audience response near the end of the Vietnam War in ? If it does not have a satiric "butt," a target, can it be a satire? If it is merely a parody of Camelot stories, is it satire? Alternatively, if you accept parody as a form of satire, can a mere parody be serious satire?

What is the significance of Dennis, and the anarcho-syndicalist critique of Arthur's rule?

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Why is this funny? More generally, what're the politics of Python and maybe of Satire generally? How does Holy Church do? Note that British churches can be unabashedly patriotic an militaristic, displaying banners and statues of military heroes. Why do we laugh at the Black Knight, as he gets cut to pieces by Arthur?

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Why do we laugh at the murder of a father to avoid inconvenience during a time of plague? Wonderful albeit it somewhat lengthy summary with quotes from the film by Tim Dirks at filmsite. Review Copyright Rose Cooper , Rose Cooper says " Mel Brooks' point is that racists and their ilk are the stupid ones, ripe to be ridiculed and ignored for the idiots they are.

In Blazing Saddles , we don't laugh with these fools, we laugh at them. If not, what point s do you get? In a quotation I've undoubtedly given you, Northrop Frye suggests that Satiric genius tends toward what respectable society considers obscene. Want to add scatological as well, or whatever the correct term is for "fart jokes"?

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Is there a point to the bean-eating scene? One suggestion: it defamiliarizes and deromanticizes all those scenes of cowpokes sitting around the ol' campfire eating all those beans, and nobody, ever cutting a fart. At age 18 in Military Science , I was rather surprised to learn that an official US Army text book, based on the official history of the Army, held George Armstrong Custer to be a villain worthy to be shot. My full-colonel instructor thought our text a little soft on Custer: "We hang murderers.

What's your background here? If you were not taught the gory details of The Conquest of the West, does Blazing Saddles perform a useful function for you in deromanticizing it? Rich Erlich suggests that the ideal for the next few decades is less to get Americans from hating and contemning minorities than to get the minorities into positions where they don't have to care much if some people despise them. Accepting that such theories are at least arguable, is Blazing Saddles useful in defanging racist language? Or does the film "normalize" racist language and thereby work against US minorities?

Doesn't such distancing undermine any point the film might have? The toll-booth gag? Again, the legend, anyway, is that Cleavon Little had an answering line to Madeline Kahn's "It's twue! It's twue! Why not leave in or put in such a joke? It would make the scene smuttier, but it would foreground assumptions about the size of Black men's penises. Are women dealt with fairly in Blazing Saddles?

More or less fairly than in classic Westerns? Do women appear any worse than the men? Does Blazing Saddles undermine authority?

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The politics of attacking authority can get very complex, and interesting. Making Mr. Susan Seidelman.

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USA: Orion, John Malkovich, Ann Magnuson, stars. Peters does not get humanized, but he does get a happy ending, shot into space. Frankie Stone and the android Ulysses live happily ever after?

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Plot Summary courtesy of IMDb. Reviewed by Linda Lopez McAlister. John Malkovich is the star of Mr. Right , but the character, Frankie Stone, is the protagonist.

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Note opening of film and notice how we know Stone will be important, and so will the relationship between men and women. In the little movie we see at the meeting early in Mr. Since the soundtrack of the commercial within the film makes clear that what's being pitched is an android, the "Robotic" in the title becomes ambiguous. How is "Dr. Does he change during the course of the film?

If so, does he become a bit more human? More like a man? In Northrop Frye's analysis, central characters who aren't positive and remain that way have to be circumvented or expelled such an expelled character is an alazon [plural, alazones ]. Generally, romantic comedy moves toward integrating as many people as possible into a new, better, more flexible society, coalescing around a central couple.

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How happy is the conclusion of Mr. How appropriate? How appropriate if the film examines a Ulysses character from Penelope's point of view? How appropriate if the fim is satiric comedy? According to Henri Bergson "Comedy," ca.

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How does Mr. Right use this technique? How does it get comedy out making the mechanical more human? How does the film use voice-over announcements and intercut TV shows and commercials? Compare RoboCop. Given the men in this film, is there something to be said for a woman's getting herself an android, or even a robot, and making Mr. Is the film an equal opportunity satire, getting us to laugh at women also?

Is part of the attraction of the film for women gay men? Is part of the fantasy "making" Mr. The film Metropolis makes much of "the male gaze" and both the power of women or female robot and oppression of women at least of the saintly sort through the male gaze. Right shows women interested in sex.