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You, who has come to watch me. And me?

"you and I" or "you and me"?

I am in it, quite simply, for the joy of theatre. YouAndMe children's wing. We believe that children have unlimited possibilities and the ability to surprise and surpass us as adults! We have a number of programs meant for children that are holistic - combining fun and learning for an unforgettable experience. Read on Me: The Object "Me" is an object pronoun , which means that it serves as a direct or indirect object to the verb or as the object of a preposition. For example: Mom hugged me.


Mom bought me a snack. Mom bought a snack for me. Errors in Usage Beginners often confuse "I" and "me" because they mean the same thing, but even native speakers can struggle when there is more than one subject or object.

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Jack and me got home late. The puppy licked my sister and I. The snobby girl thinks she's above my family and I, but she's not. Suzy and me are best friends.

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Examples of Correct Usage To get a sense of what excellent grammar looks like, peruse the sentences below that use "I" and "me" correctly: I went to the mall yesterday. She and I don't always get along, but we try. The cat scratched me when I tried to pet her. Are all those presents really for me?

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Will you please give me the rest of your ice cream cone? It is not I you should blame. I called Jason for help with my homework.

see Give the recipe to Jim and me, and we'll cook you a delicious breakfast. When will I get my sunglasses back?

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The boys and I want to take a vacation this summer. Make the Right Choice With a little practice and some careful consideration about whether you are working with the subject or the object in a sentence, you can ensure you make the right choice between "I" and "me" every time. YourDictionary definition and usage example.